TortugaMC is indeed the new name for World of Tux. WoT became incredibly hard to maintain as Minecraft changed and plugins were not being kept upto date by their developers. So now after some months of time away locked deep in the hull of a pirate ship, we bring the new updated server!

TortugaMC wants to offer the same family friendly experience that everyone enjoyed!


Please use the latest Minecraft version, currently 1.12.2

Clients mods are strictly forbidden, however OptiFine is perfectly acceptable. TortugaMC does not like the client mods that give players an unfair advantage and allow 'hacking'.

Simply add a new server in your game, using the ip:


TortugaMC knows that everyone loves the idea of being staff, however without players there is little need for staff. TortugaMC will promote active players as the server grows. A favorite quote has always been 'You don't need 6 staff for 2 players'. Be helpful, be curtious and as TortugaMC grows your efforts will not go without rewards.

Currently active staff members are:

  • motoionic
  • Captain_Dawson


Discord allows players to voice talk to each other. Some ground rules for the Discord server are:

  • Speak English
  • Use a Headset/Headphones in order to reduce echo
  • If you have loud background noise, or are chewing gum/eating, use push to talk

Discord Server Link