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Motoionic Dec 29 '17
We use the Factions plugin to help protect our builds from griefing and mischievous players.

Create a new faction with the following command replacing <name> with your chosen faction name: /f create <name> 

You can claim land using /f claim o

Each claim is a 16x16 square area, as you walk around you'll find Wilderness again and therefore need to claim again.

You can check your power, the amount of land you can claim, by using /f f

Invite your friends to the faction with /f invite add <player>

They will need to do /f join <name> to join you.

The more people you have in your faction, the more land you can claim.  But don't worry, we can always give you a powerboost if you don't have friends!

There are alot more commands for factions, but those will get you started.

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