What is the server IP?

You can connect to the server using: play.tortugamc.com

Can I be staff?

All staff applications will be considered on individual merits of each person applying. However, and more importantly we have just in the beginning of the year opened the server to the public, so we are more interested in getting some regular players on, and not have 60 staff members with just 5 people playing.

Wheres World of Tux?

WoT became incredibly difficult to manage during all the changes in Minecraft and the plugin communities, nothing was getting updated and the server was lacking new exciting games because of that. At the end of 2017 a few of us started playing together again on a Minecraft Realm and decided so much had been added to the new 1.12 version that it was a-lot of fun again. From that a server was setup and grown over the space of a handful of weeks to include multiple game modes and a entire arcade centre!